Tyre levers

Complete range of levers to demount motorcycle, car, truck tyres. Original levers Michelin Halte, Force, Face, Moto, Fusil for high performance. High quality of materials Chrome Vanadium. Plastic protections for levers, bead pressing pliers.

Dynamometric wrenches

Professional dynamometric high performance wrenches and dynamometric bars. Locking from 20 to 200 Nm and from 60 to 300. Calibration certificates of dynamometric mechanisms and high precision.

Mounting lubricators

Complete range of mounting paste for car, motorcycle, light truck run flat, truck and solid tyres. High yield. Michelin Tigre grease and liquid concentrated lubricator high yield. Lubricator Spray BibUp /Socolub

Chalks for tyres

Italmatic distributes the famous chalks Raidex Sisa, the best quality of chalks to mark tyres even on wet and greasy surfaces. White/yellow/red/green chalks for tyres

Mounting rings

Complete range of mounting rings and OR to make the tyre mounting easier. The best rings to mount tyres without junction to assure maximum resistance and life.

Hydraulic bead breakers

The best bead breakers patented Made in Italy for professional bead breaking of all types of agricultural and E.M. tyres. Manual pneumatic-hydraulic pumps with pedal and various accessories for bead breakers.

Quick bead boosters for tyres
bead bazooka2

Bead Booster for easy mounting and inflation of the tyre. Bead Booster Bazooka 6lt, 9lt, 12lt original Gaither. Other professional bead boosters.