Wide range of lead clip and adhesive balancing weights for motorcycle, car, light truck and truck wheels of different gran sizes and features.

Adhesive balancing weights have Norton Saint Gobain bi-adhesive tape, assuring maximum levels of sealing and adhesion of the balancing weight on the rim.

IMPORTANT NOTE : according to UE “2000/53/CE” rule, lead balancing weights in European Union are not allowed on vehicles (vehicles with motor being part of categories M1 and N1 ref. enclosure II, part A, of directive 70/156/CE), and vehicles with motor with three wheels as described by the directive 2002/24/CE, with exclusion of motor tricycles. Therefore in the European Union lead balancing weights are regularly allowed only for motorcycles and trucks. For all other types of vehicles (cars and commercial vehicles), no lead balancing weights have to be applied (zinc, steel, tin).