The quick solution for prevention and repairing of Tubeless tyres

  • The packing includes the compressor and a SLIME bottle
  • It repairs punctures of any tyre
  • Ecologic, harmless, non-flammable
  • It can be easily installed and it works repeatedly
  • It doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t dry and it remains active for a period of approx. two years

It is sold worldwide with “money-back guarantee”


SLIME is a mix of fibers, polymers and non aerosol binders, non-flammable and non-polluting, able to prevent and repair eventual flat tyres. SLIME repairs instantly eventual punctures and works repeatedly for approx. two years. SLIME is not one of many aerosol “fixers”.


As soon as inserted, SLIME is distributed uniformely inside the tyre by centrifugal force. When a puncture occurs, coagulating and binding agents activated by air are pushed in the puncture, generating a flexible long lasting plug. The packing proposed contains also a compressor of 12 Volts applicable to the car cigarette lighter plug.