Schrader curing products

SCHRADER INTERNATIONAL produce a line of tubeless tyre repairing materials of very high quality and offer a complete range of products to be able to intervene on any type of tubeless tyre for car, truck, agricultural and E.M. and on all air tubes.
Italmatic since over 15 years import the whole range of SCHRADER products and distribute them in the market giving a high quality service to all the people operating in the tyre industry.

SCHRADER INTERNATIONAL complete range of materials for tyre repairing includes:

  • plugs PRP+ for tubeless tyres sizes 3/4,5/6/8/10 mm, in package or in kit complete with all tools
  • PRF+ patches for car tubeless tyres sizes 35/45/60/67 mm for repairings by cold curing
  • PRC+ patches for air tubes
  • SCHRAD+ radial patches for tubeless tyres of any size
  • SDO+ diagonal patches for agricultural and E.M. tyres
  • Cold curing cements OPALE+, TOPAZE+, QUARTZ, JADE, SAPHIR (MICHELIN), available in package of 235ml and 945ml
  • Hot PARA rubber for tubeless tyres and air tubes with specific solution
  • BLACK HOT and BLACK CEMENT in cans of 945ml are hot curing cements operating at temperatures between 100 and 160°C ; KARAT in cans of 945ml is also a hot curing cement but which is used at temperatures between 70 and 105°C, according to the Customer’s requirements
  • Finishing and sealing cement at end of repairing: this cement of liquid rubber is brushed inside the tyre, near the patch just applied and well rolled, covering all the patch sides to seal eventual micro porosities that can occur in modern tyres
  • Strings for tubeless tyre repairings from outside
  • BUFFER chemical cement for the best preparation before all repairings available in cans of 945ml, spray of 400ml or cans of 5 liters
  • TUBELESS BEAD SEALER this is a product which is applied on the rim edge in the area of the beading channel of the tyre if the rim is much spoiled or if it has micro porosities and could have air leaks having the tyre deflating
  • All tools to be able to execute a tubeless repairing with the best result
  • High quality tyre mounting paste
  • “MICHELIN” tyre mounting lubricants, BIB’UP spray for motorcycles and alloy wheels, TIGRE GREASE for heavy vehicles that, besides lubricating very stiff beads and keeping lubrication in time, operates on rims in the area of the beading channel giving an antirust effect to preserve the bead in time of all industrial tyres and to make the following mounting/demounting operations easier.