Italrepair® is the new line of material for tyre repairing and air tubes produced by Italmatic®. These new products for tubeless tyre repairing are of very high quality for the professional tyre shop and to execute repairings in max. safety.

Patches for air tubes

Italrepair® patches are produced with black cured reinforcement with self-curing rubber undertread, they can be cold-cured by the use of specific self-curing products, the edge was studied to obtain the best adhesion and elasticity for permanent repairings on any air tube.

Available in round and oval version in all sizes requested by the market of tyre shops and by specialists in air tubes repairing.

Radial patches

Italrepair® produce a complete line of radial patches for structural repairing of all modern tyres from car to agricultural and E.M. tyres, where the quality of materials is even more important for the value of tyres. talrepair® patches allow a cold-curing repairing resisting heat, bending and heavy working conditions. These new patches allow to be used also for repairing in autoclave or structural retreading of casings. These patches are reinforced by a series of plies to be able to offer the max. resistance also in case of very deep repairing.

Universal patches for Tubeless repairing

Italrepair® offer all tyre shops universal patches for tubeless tyre repairing in sizes UP3 – UP4,5 round – UP4,5 square – UP6 – UP8, available both in box and in pail. Universal patch is the mostly ever used in daily repairing of tyres, quick to apply and cheap, it allows a permanent repairing of very high quality and safety.

Italrepair® self-curing chemical products

Italrepair® range gets completed by the whole series of specific self-curing chemicals to have the best adhesion during the whole repairing process of tyres and air tubes, they comply with modern rules on safety on work and environment. Fast Dry Cement available of 1lt and 250ml is a universal self-curing product drying quickly; HD Blue Cement available of 1lt and 250ml is specific for tubeless tyre curing also of great sizes ideal for great size repairing; Repair Sealer available of 1lt and 250ml is a sealer that can be applied after having executed the repairing to avoid micro leaks on the patches edges; Bead Sealer, sealer for rim edge in the tyre beading channel; Buffer Fluid product for curing surface preparation, ideal after having passed the air wheel, clean well the area to be cured with Buffer to make it rough enough and improve the patch adhesion; Black Hot Cement is the classic solution for who still wishes to use the hot curing method.