Ingersoll 231 Series 1/2″

Ingersoll 231 is the classic model mostly known in its category of striking mass impact wrenches for tyre shops. Introduced more than 25 years and continuously renewed according to the market requirements, it offers great power at a competitive price.

  • Torque max 610Nm
  • Free speed 8000 rpm
  • Weight 2.63 kg

Ingersoll Rand 2130XP 1/2″

Ingersoll Rand 2130 XP has all performances and functionalities of a striking mass impact wrench of range, system Twin Hammer with double mass, composite case to be lighter and antislip handle.

  • Torque max 814Nm
  • Free speeda 9500 rpm
  • Weight 1,9 kg

Ingersoll Rand 2135 QtiMAX 1/2″

Ingersoll 2135QTiMax is a gun for tyre shops at top as regards performances and features, front case in titanium making the tool even lighter.

  • Torque max 1054Nm
  • Free speed 9800 rpm
  • Weight 1,79 kg