Paints for tyres
vernice per gomme

Italmatic propose a line of specific painting and polishing products for tyres, for tyre shops wishing to offer a complete service to the Customer during the seasonal tyre change

Cockpit protection

In every tyre shop there is need of accessories to protect the cockpit of the car during maintenance and mechanical interventions, seats covers, steering wheel covers and other products.

Tyre bags

With the arrival of winter tyres, tyre bags are important for tyre shops to be able to load tyres in the car without making the seats dirty.

Chemical products

Technical sprays and antirust deseizers couldn’t be missing in the line for tyre shops of Italmatic. Consumption products which every day are used in normal maintenances of mechianicians and tyre shops.

Chemical for motors

Cleaners/additives able to restore the efficiency of the injection system. They have a quick cleaning action of injectors, disgregating unburnt masses and increasing the motor yield.

Wind screen wipers

Italmatic includes in the catalogue a line of wind screen wipers in all rubber version and adaptable to all cars with a series of multi-attacks allowing to reduce stocks and not to lose sales.