Balancing weights Mod. S/1

Universal clip balancing weights mod. S/1 for steel rims with special OEM coating, balancing weights dedicated to original equipment. Italmatic cooperate since ever with the main manufacturers of rims and of vehicles to be able to design and produce balancing weights having the best adaptability to all rims present in the market of original equipment.

Balancing weights Mod. S/2

Universal clip balancing weights mod. S/2 for steel rims with UNCOATED finishing and back bump for a better adaptability to all models of wheels. Italmatic quality at the best price.

Balancing weights Mod. ST

Universal clip balancing weights mod. ST for alloy and aluminum rims, available in two OEM coatings for original equipment and UNCOATED for the resale market, to be able to offer the tyre shop the tools for the best balancing of wheels and tyres.

Wheels and tyres balancing weights

Adhesive weights Mod. A.Z.B. and adhesive weights

 Plastic coated zinc weights from 5gr to 60gr both grey and black, with Saint Gobain adhesive tape, also Finger Lift (strip for easy removal). Plastic coated zinc adhesive weights, also extra slim, 30gr, 35gr and 45gr. Original equipment VW, Skoda, Audi and many others.