The new balancing system with microspheres for truck tyres allows time reducing for balancing, assures an excellent balancing effect and an exceptional lasting in time (reusable also after retreading/regrooving of the tyre). The system works thanks to the centrifugal force induced by the tyre rotation, distributing automatically microspheres homogeneously inside the tyre in the direction opposite to the stress received, cancelling its effect. The composition of microspheres is studied on purpose to assure the essential high sliding capacity inside the tyre, keeping them dry and without electrostatic charges which  could hinder their movement. The system is extremely easy to be used: a measuring cup of which they are fitted allows to introduce in the tyre the correct quantity of microspheres before mounting it on the rim. It resists temperatures up to 960°C and it is compatible with TPMS. A measuring cup contains 100 gr of product.