Italmatic leader in the distribution of consumption material for tyre shops

Italmatic is a worldwide leading company for the completeness of the offer to companies operating in tyre retreading, tyre repairing and assistance. Italmatic produce many of the items handled, among which buffing blades and rasps, carbide wheels and balancing weights and repairing material (patches and chemicals), with relevant market shares at international level. To the products of its own manufacture, the distribution is flanked, in many cases on exclusivity base, of items of primary international companies among which for example Ruff, Patch Rubber, Schrader, Wonder, Safety Seal, Slime,  Ingersoll Rand, OMCN, Alligator, PCL.

Since 2013 Italmatic invested in the TPMS division to offer a complete range of specific products and services, becoming one of the main players in the European market for this business.

TPMS offer includes a complete assortment of original TPMS sensors (Schrader, HUF, VDO, TRW), the universal patented solution for the spare part market Italsensor® and Italsensor Fit&Go® of italmatic, offering the widest coverage and reliability; the alternatives represented by universal programmable sensors of other brands (among which EZ-Sensor Schrader, REDI-Sensor VDO, Alligator, Uni-Sensor CUB, IntelliSens Huf).

Global distribution

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Italmatic offer a very wide product range, to make yr. research easier, we subdivided our offer in categories

Balancing weights
contrappesi demo1

Italmatic is since ever a leading producer of wheel balancing weights, partner of tyre shops and professionals for tyre service and offers a complete range of balancing weights “Made in Italy” in zinc, steel, lead for all applications.

Tyre repairing

Italrepair®  is he new complete range of patches and self-curing cements to repair tyres, proposed by Italmatic as a completion of a specific catalogue or tyre shops. Radial repairing, air tubes, punctures.

Valves and extensions
tr 413

From TR413 snap-in to all rubber and metal, tubeless and air tube valves, for any application on cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, agricultural and E.M. Italmatic catalogue offers You…

TPMS and diagnosis

Italmatic assures the right answer to any need in the area of  TPMS – RDKS (tyre pressure control sensors), with a complete range of programmable universal sensors and original sensors, besides programming tools TPMS and diagnosis TPMS and OBD.

Compressed air

Quick connector compressed air couplings, hoses, spirals and various accessories complete the product range of Italmatic who always wishes to offer quality products. Besides, Ingersoll Rand impact sockets,  Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches,  hose winding device, air guns, ….

Lifting devices and accessories

Complete range of MEGA, OMCN oil pneumatic lifters and jacks; rectangular and round rubber pads for all types of auto lifts. Polyurethane pads for auto lifts.


From EURODAINU Michelin Wonder and Schrader manometers to a complete series of professional measuring devices and inflators to check and measure pressure including PCL products. Automatic nitrogen inflators and portable inflators.

Tyre mounting

The new range of mounting paste, mounting grease and lubricants for tyres has a very high quality and allows to mount easily. The range includes the exclusive Michelin Tigre grease and Socolub (also known as  Bib’up Michelin) and much more….

Tyre care

Paints for tyres and polishers, car inside protections, seat covers, steering wheel covers, tyre containing bags, paper for tyre shops, desizer and sviting grease…….

Accessories for tyre demounting

Plastic protections for tyre demounting devices and balancing machines Corghi, Sicam, Omcn, spare plastic towers …

Different equipment
Fixing the brakes of a car on a service lift

Rillfit groovers, universal windscreen wipers, safety cages for industial tyres inflation, tyre support trolleys and other equipment are items that ….

Retreading accessories

Italmatic, historical company in the field of tyre retreading, continues having a range of tools….

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